Mary A. Shiraef


Nikolas Lazar ✉️


  • Yeshwini Selvaraj

    Elizabeth Beling
    Elizabeth Beling is a senior at Emory University majoring in Sociology with a minor in Sustainability. She covered island nations as well as a portion of southeast Asia.
    Aadya Bhaskaran
    Aadya Bhaskaran is a recent graduate from Emory University who covered various countries in Europe, South Asia, a portion of Latin America, and several island territories. She graduated with a degree in Economics along with a minor in Mathematics and is currently working as a research analyst at CNN.
    Amalia Gradie
    Amalia is a Human Health major from Emory University with an interest in health equity.
    Cora Hirst
    Cora is a senior at Emory University studying Biology and Anthropology. She is pursuing research opportunities to investigate the ancient relationship between humans and our pathogens, and plans to translate these studies to the medical field.
    Camilla Kline
    Camilla Kline is a senior at Emory University who covered policies for 30 different countries with a focus on Island nations and territories. She also has expertise in environmental research and policy and hopes to work in those or related fields before pursuing a law degree.
    Nikolas Lazar
    Nikolas Lazar is a senior at Brown University concentrating in Economics and Education. He is the corresponding author for the dataset and covered 20+ border policies all over the world. After graduation, he will be working in strategy consulting at McKinsey & Company.
    Layth Mattar
    Layth Mattar is a senior at Emory University majoring in Biology and Arabic. He is hoping to pursue a career in medicine.
    Rachel Musetti
    Rachel Musetti is a senior at Emory University who covered Shengen countries and also produced, with Amalia Gradie, our EU policies report. She is seeking environmental employment opportunities focused in waste reduction, water policy, or general sustainability that will allow her to make meaningful change at the local or state levels.
    Sarah Naseer
    Sarah Naseer is a recent graduate from Emory University who covered various countries in Europe, Africa, and Latin America. She graduated with specializations in Quantitative Sciences/Sociology and Arabic and is currently a research assistant at Pew Research Center.
    Noah Taylor
    Noah Taylor is a junior at Emory University majoring in Human Health and Philosophy, Politics, and Law. His interests center on the relationship between policy and health, particularly vis-à-vis pandemic response and emerging threat preparedness.
    Mark Weiss
    Mark Weiss monitors data for 20+ countries with authoritarian governments and manages the Russia portfolio. He currently works as a research project specialist at the RAND Corporation, studying COVID-19 policy in the United States.

  • Yeshwini Selvaraj

  • Colin Lewis-Beck
  • Luis Schenoni

  • Lukas Feddern (EU+ Coding Guidelines)
  • Paul Friesen (Matching Technique)
  • Amalia Gradie, Rachel Musetti and Foteini Kalantzi (EU)
  • Cayleigh Jackson and Maggie Shum (Greater China)
  • Bryn Walker (U.S.)
  • Mark Weiss (Russia)

  • Elizabeth Beling
  • Jonathan Falcone
  • Lukas Feddern
  • Amalia Gradie
  • Sonila Hasaj
  • Cayleigh Jackson
  • Nora Murphy
  • Sarah Naseer
  • Elizabeth Stifel
  • Erin Straight
  • Dongying Tao
  • Erin Tutaj
  • Mark Weiss

  • Aadya Bhaskaran
  • Camilla Kline
  • Nikolas Lazar
  • Suzanne Martin
  • Layth Mattar
  • Mary Mitsdarffer
  • Rachel Musetti
  • Thuy Nguyen
  • Noah Taylor
  • Bryn Walker
  • William Yu

  • Pepper